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tv   Bloomberg Markets  Bloomberg  March 22, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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explosions.after the u.s. announcing it will add security personnel to we bring you live reports from brussels while keep on financial markets, which remain resilient. stocks are mostly flat, in the aftermath of a treasuries and gold advance. david: -- scarlet: let's check in with julie hyman. julie: we've seen stocks in the u.s. proved resilient and then some. early we saw a mixed to little changed picture, now, still relatively little change, but more to the upside. with the nasdaq in particular leading gains today up .4%. inve seen mark barton show past instances when there have been various terrorist attacks, the european leisure stocks, in particular, have been resilient. we are seeing that more broadly occur today as well.
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when asked you to come into the bloomberg, not sure if i have a queue for this. if we can take a look at the imap, i will look at which groups are leading now that things are higher. health care is leading the gains in the s&p 500, tech's number two as we do see the nasdaq gained in consumer staples. gaming, if yous look at the next, the fear index, it's now down very slightly, earlier today we were seeing again in the next. below 14 there does not indicate a high level of concern as to what's going on globally in the markets. likewise, if you look at the risk off trade, where are people looking for safety today, that trade has also diminished as the day has gone. gettingces earlier we quite a boost. now only up .2 5%. the dollar has turned higher versus the japanese yen. we are seeing the 10 year yield come down, but it's a tick from up a tick from where
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they were earlier. alix: how are things trading in the u.s.? gains where we are seeing across the board and broad market, we not seeing that in travel stocks. they have come up off the lows of the session. if you looking at the airlines, delta air, other travel related stocks come online travel and marriott represent the hotels, we're still seeing declines there. a couple of movers and wanted to mention, the offshore drillers, transocean saying in an interview it will be at least another three years before the company can charge more for offshore rigs. somenly is it falling, but of the other drilling companies are declining as well. , wanted to mention sun edison the stock would mention a lot of his it's quite volatile. shares are down 13% today after debt wire reported the company is in possession negotiations with some of its creditors on $725 million of second lien loans. it's complicated and
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questionable as to what the applications are, but bottom line, there are questions about sun edison's liquidity, and this sort of brings at home. scarlet: julie hyman with the latest on the markets. alix: let's get the latest on brussels. we go to mark crumpton with more. islamic state has reportedly claimed response ability for today's deadly terror bombings in brussels. at least 31 people were killed, more than 200 injured in three blasts. chilcote is in brussels. ryan: let me give you and our viewers the lay of the land in the heart of brussels. over my left shoulder, you can see the maelbeek subway station. 200 meters down the road between us and the subway station, you can see the road has been cordoned off. the road itself is closed. it is rush hour now, or should be rush-hour here in brussels. it's 6:00 p.m. local time.
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normally this road before cars, now it's been reserved for search and rescue, for emergency vehicles, and for police cars. they occasionally go rushing by. over my right shoulder, you see , parte of the >> building of the european commission, the executive body of the european union. it is the place where finance ministers and economy ministers on the 28 eu countries gather pretty frequently. it just shows you how this was really a strike at the heart of the eu edit seat of government right here in brussels. many of the people who would have been coming out of that subway station at 9:00 in the morning and when the tackle lace -- when the attack took place would have been coming right here to the european commission. it's also worth noting that this there hasn'tere been much terrorism. it's the biggest terrorist attack ever that took place here in at the airport. lots of terrorist threats, but to see something like this, at least 31 killed, is really unheard of in brussels. chilcoteomberg's ryan
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live. reactions around the world today was swift. in cuba, president obama called for global unity. we will dot obama: whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally belgium in those whoo justice were responsible. this is just another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together. regardless of nationality or race or faith. in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. we can and we will defeat those who threaten the safety and security of people all around the world. primein london, british minister david cameron says his government has offered his support to belgium, he also made his -- made a call for solidarity. cameron: these are appalling and savage terror attacks. my just spoke to the prime minister of belgium, asking them
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to give our condolences to the belgian people. we absolutely stand with them at this very difficult time. these were attacks in belgium, they could be attacks in britain or in france or germany or elsewhere. we need to stand together against these appalling terrorists and make sure they can never win. mark: also speaking out today, pope francis. the pontiff says he condemns the blind violence that breed so implores theg and gift of peace from god. global news, 24 hours a day, powered by 2400 journalists in more than 150 news bureaus around the world. i'm mark crumpton. scarlet: investors were jolted by the explosions in brussels, we're not seeing a huge flights. alix: joining us is samantha azzarello, a global market strategist at j.p. morgan. what does the same of the sustainability of the rally that we are not seeing a huge risk off today?
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i thought that condolences go out to the people of europe, more broadly. we haven't seen a reaction in the markets today, it's pulled back. i think it speaks to the fact that there is a disconnect between economies and equity markets. this will likely affect the way that belgians live their lives day-to-day for a while. we could see that in some economic data. it is going to necessarily come in a market impact. scarlet: but it will affect the way the governments spend money and how the european central banks respond to whatever slowdown there might be in the months ahead. talk about a central bank responsible government response. samantha: we think central-bank responses are in a maximum at this point, there's not too much more they can do. thatof our view on that is if you look at the amount of stimulus and how low rates have gone, it's really to support growth in theory. isn't complete the
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negative around the globe. there only three countries globally that are in recession. so really what's going on as you have trend growth, growth is currently below trend for a lot of these countries. central banks can't fix that, no matter how much stimulus they implement. alix: taking a look at the impact in the markets. if you take a look at the bloomberg, this is the s&p versus the moving averages, libby close this out here. it's how extended the s&p is about that longer-term trend line. how much more do you see things lifting the rally? samantha: we are tying it to the odds of u.s. recession. u.s. recession as the magnet for the rest of the world and for risky assets. our view is predicated on the fact we do not think we are going to fall into a recession this year. for that reason, we think the s&p 500 and risk assets more broadly have more room to run. scarlet: i like what you said with a disconnect between the economy and stocks. you see that in japan as well. alix: if you go inside a bloomberg, we charted how the
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yen has been strengthening, and that has caused jpmorgan's currency strategists based in tokyo to revise their forecast by year-end 2103 from 110. when the yen was last at 103, the yellow arrow, the nikkei was 6000 points lower than where it is right now. that was also 10% drop from the current levels. samantha: the japanese equity markets have been moving from macro factors. we were seeing red japan. if the end depreciated, you would get and market appreciation. that theory is moving by the wayside now. you get more granular and you look at sectors, if you look at health care in japan, commercial durables,consumer probability is up and they are paying more cash to shareholders. they are more friendly with respect to corporate governance, which i think is very exciting. alix: how much of that is based on buyback of the dividend trade, which is so prevalent here in the u.s.? it's the--samantha:
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vivax, it's using yen depreciation gentleman pricing strategies in a way that i don't think japanese countries have ever done before. on ormeaning that pass it read it in their margins? is givingyen weakness them a buffer with respecter earnings to the nobleman pricing strategies to be more competitive and gain market share. we are seeing them food processing, interestingly enough. thanks, samantha azzarello, global markets strategist at j.p. morgan asset management. thank for joining us. scarlet: coming up on "bloomberg markets," we bring you the latest from brussels after this morning's deadly terror attacks. ♪
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alix: welcome back to "bloomberg markets." scarlet: we are following the latest out of a brussels and keep an eye on the global financial markets, which remain resilient in the face of today's deadly attacks. let's head over now for our metals bulletin, we check in with julie hyman at the markets desk who has a couple numbers to give us up-to-date on. julie: we've been talking about the safety trade, which was more effective earlier today. it's awesome buying of gold and other metals. at this point, that is true to some extent. gold is still higher, but not by as much. silver has turned lower and platinum is up about 1.5%. mixed trade when it comes to the metals. silver, however, wanted to focus in on that year to date. it is up year to date, just as we have seen many of the other metals rallied. it's interesting, because it's rally started earlier than say some of the other commodities like oil.
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it's up about 14% for the year to date. if you take a look at etf holdings of silver, we have seen a spike there as well. charts, we one your saw a decline in the second half of last year. now it has like backup to the level where it was in summer of last year as we've seen more folks come back into silver and back into precious metals. the performance of some of the biggest silver miners, particularly particular the three largest north american silver miners, but market cap, here's their year-to-date performance. also quite impressive. in general, we've seen the miners rise more than the underlying metal. of course, they have fallen in many cases more than the underlying metal going into the performances this year. if you take a look at the ounce of silver per ounce of gold, that's one of the things that we have been watching. and scarletalix going to talk about that momentarily. we've seen that climb as well,
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it's off now just lately. it is still near its highest since 2008. scarlet: thank you julie hyman. for more on the gold silver ratio, i want to bring and ken hoffman, who joins us now in skillman, new jersey. what does the gold silver ratio ?ell you why it's important ken: if you want to trade using the gold silver ratio, i guarantee you will lose money. it doesn't tell you anything at all about one is not a versus the other. if you want to know that industry demand trends, the ratio is very good. if the ratio is telling you that demand for gold relative to silver has been much greater, why? look at china. chinese imports of gold since 2010 are up more than 1000%. areese imports of silver down by more than 50%. they are almost down two thirds. if the ratio is telling you that the demand for gold in the world
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is much greater, relative to demand for silver, and honestly come outside of the calls i get from the u.s., i very rarely get a call from asia or europe about silver. they only care about gold, the u.s. is where silver demand really comes from. alix: scarlet, you should not of chosen mark bartlett's charge. it doesn't tell you anything. tellet: he said it doesn't you where the price is going, it tells you something about demand. alix: part of the reason is that silver is an industrial metal. we tend to lose sight is that gets dragged up with gold as a safe haven trade. how was the industrial outlook shaping up for silver? silver is that some issues with industrial demand. photo hotel excels has been down by 50%. even though solar cells are increasing, the amount of silver in a, which was a huge driver for number of years has fallen off a cliff. ,hat's been one of the issues
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you see that in dentistry. silver as industrial demand has fallen back to the etf and the investment demand. and while that has picked up, that is a positive, it hasn't been tremendous just yet. alix: we had a chart up looking at the other part of the equation, the supply area. looking at what silver supply has done over the last year, it looks to be falling. scarlet: maybe one of the few commodities where there isn't a glut at record highs run out. ken hoffman, when it comes to silver, talk about the demand for this middle from places like china. hasn't been very good. going back to your first chart, supply is going to be a big positive for silver and gold. right now, we've seen is silver is mainly mindless link -- mine . with zinc no one is investing in silver or zinc mines. you'll probably see silver production declines in the next
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decade. that's a huge positive for silver, you will see the same for gold. eventually go to the other metals. you just order to cut back their x managers. silver,ook a zinc, gold, those numbers of been down for for five years. they fired all their production staff, they're all gone. that's going to take a long time for that to restart, and so the connection will continue to drop. scarlet: oil is getting hit now, gold was in it three years ago. ken hoffman a bloomberg intelligence, inc. you for joining us from skillman, new jersey. still ahead on "bloomberg markets," we continue to follow the latest news on the belgian terror attacks. there is new images of the u.s. reaction to the news. resident obama national security adviser susan rice on the phone with homeland security. more after the break. ♪
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scarlet: this is bloomberg markets, i'm scarlet fu. alix: i'm alix steel. update you on the situation in
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brussels. the brussels airport will be closed tomorrow, march 23. he will be evaluating and deciding if the airport will resume operations on thursday. here in the united states, we have learned that security will also be tightened at airports, real stations, as well as ports in the u.s., all in response to the deadly bombings in brussels. the u.s. department of homeland security will be making an announcement later on tuesday. we spoke to bloomberg on those plans. eu leaders have responded to the tax, they vowed to respond with all the story means. pretty much showing a united front within that block in response. angela merkel of germany says her cabinet will discuss efforts to stem terror on wednesday. sadness,voiced deep matteo renzi of italy says intelligence services need to work together and he is offered italy's help is needed. francois hollande has called on all of europe to pledge their support, and pledges a safe environment.
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alix: credit card debt is booming, economic confidence is falling. you have more debt, and you don't feel that great about the economy. spoke with peter atwater, president of financial insights. he studied how changes in confidence impact are investing decisions, and spoke about how falling consumer confidence correlates with the rise of donald trump. >> i like to see consumer borrowing increasing as consumer confidence is rising. what you are seeing is, you have stagnant retail sales, you've got consumer confidence falling, and suddenly, credit card borrowings are spiking amidst really low gas prices. so the consumer is hitting their highest cost for looked at in an extraordinary volume for apparently no reason. that says to me the consumer is in a much more precarious condition that i think people expected. express their outrage by
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voting for donald trump? >> express their outrage come if you start to look at it by breaking it into its segments, looking at republicans, the average republicans level of --fidence today is the say the same as it was the weekend lehman brothers collapsed. that's the blue line. that is an incredible statement on seven years of chronic under confidence. and that level is not modest, that's a really distressed, depressed kind of confidence level. i think that's what you are seeing manifesting in the appeal for trump. >> we also see the white line which tracks democrats confidence, that's an rising steadily. look at overall how rising confidence would tend to benefit hillary clinton rather than a donald trump. >> yes. as confidence rises, we are naturally drawn to centrist candidates. we look for compromise. we look for agreement.
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>> this is a chart that showed that. economic confidence goes up, and how sensitive you can really be. aren't things pretty good? retail sales are holding up, lower gas prices, wages are going up, jobs are improving. >> the data saying there are two americas out there. a general view where things are doing well, but a large segment of the consumer economy that is quite distressed right now. atwater.t was peter today at 4:00 p.m., we continue our coverage on the terror attacks in brussels with eurasia group's, and will the attacks undermine eu solidarity? scarlet: it's time for the bloomberg business flash, a look at the biggest business stories in the news right now. today's scheduled showdown in court between the fbi and apple has been called off. the federal government says it may be able to unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino
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shooters without apple's help. the u.s. wants to test a possible method for accessing data on the device. apple has opposed efforts to force it to undercut the iphone security features. chinese distribution partners or whole role is in talks for an undisclosed amount. there the danish maker of luxury consumer electronics. roll cells rolls-royce is and luxury watches. it trades at half the market value. housinge federal finance agency says january's numbers were up .5%, matching estimates. prices were up 6% year to date. that's the bloomberg business flash. scarlet: still ahead on "bloomberg markets," we continue to monitor the headlines coming out of brussels. we will also take you live to brussels as we bring you the latest in what we know minute to minute about the terror attacks. as we discussed earlier, the headlines here, two explosions of the brussels airport, one the metro leave at least 31 dead and more than 230 injured.
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this is the deadliest terror attack on belgian soil ever. all indices in the u.s. have flipped into positive territory, gold is also off the height of the session, up only four dollars. we'll be right back. ♪
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to review the latest what we know minute to minute about the terror attacks in belgium. for there, we go to first world -- first word news with my quantum. describe scenes of carnage. the explosions, two at the airport in one of the subway station left at least 31 people dead and more than 230 others wounded. the islamic state has reportedly said it carried out the attacks. we are now hearing that the brussels airport will remain closed tomorrow. chilcote isryan covering the story, he joins us live from brussels with the latest. good evening. ryan: hello, mark. let me lay out the land for you and our viewers. right behind me over my left shoulder, you can see the maelbeek subway station, where the second of the two attacks took place. the morning,0 in so rush hour here. many people coming out. the majority of the at least 31
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people killed so far were killed at that subway station. the road behind me would be very busy normally, is about 6:30 year in brussels. it will be full of cars, people leaving the city after working. as you can see, it's all but empty right now. just had about six ambulances passes, people here telling us they're going to collect bodies of some of the people killed at the subway station. just to my right, over my right shoulder, you can see a corner of the building that belongs to the european commission. the european commission is the executive body of the european the euit's also where finance ministers and economy ministers meet from time to time. it's hard not to see this as anything other than a strike right at the heart of the european union here in brussels. at 9:00 in the morning when many people would have been coming out of the subway stations, many of them would have been coming right here to the european
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commission to work. i'm actually surrounded by european commission buildings. mind, market, terrorism is not something that people are accustomed to hear in brussels. this is the worst terrorist act ever in the history of brussels, and in the history of this country. it is certainly alarming everyone here. mark: what can you tell us about the search for suspects? we have a picture that the belgian police have tweeted out from closed-circuit cameras at the airport. onecan see on your screen, of the alleged suspects who police believe may have been involved in this terror attack, what can you tell us? >> the police tweeted out that picture 10 minutes ago. it's quite fresh. showes believe -- it does a man at the airport. at about 8:17 local time in
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inssels, just every to clock the morning. we know there was a manhunt or police operation of some sort in a neighborhood here in brussels about 15 minutes away from where i'm standing. clearly, the police are concerned about two things. sitesontrolling these two where the attacks took place, including the one behind me. it's a rather calm scene behind me. there is a significant police presence, but by no means is the largest police presence i've ever seen in a terrorist attack. the larger concern is could there be more attacks? after the attacks was on november, that's perhaps the biggest concern. we've already seen two attacks in the city and very different places, the airport, which is about half an hour from here, and then hear about 20 minutes later. you want to make sure there aren't going to be anymore. of course, this is really an active crime scene. the police or try to get to the bottom of this. mark: bloomberg's ryan chilcote joining us live. that picture, bills and authorities have tweeted out of a man they believe may have been
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involved in today's twin bombings at the brussels airport. again, the death toll stands at 31, more than 200 others have been wounded in three attacks. to with the belgian airport, the one in brussels, and also in a nearby metro station. the manhunt for this man, he is wanted for questioning, continues at this hour. global news, 24 hours a day powered by 2400 journalists in , more than 150 news bureaus around the world. i'm mark crumpton. highestlgian on its terror alert after terrorists struck. scarlet: the attacks add to the woes of the travel industry in europe which saw tourism drop after two terrorism tax in paris last year, bombings and a stumble and turkey as well as the deadly assault on tourists on a tunisian beach. experts say it's far from over.
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philippe, it's difficult to engage the economic impact of events like terrorist attacks but there are assessment you can make. what are those? philippe: first, it's the crisis probably a look -- a lockdown of the city. it will not be the same as it they haveember, but been impact on the hotels and restaurants, transport, of course, because the airport with hits it, so of course, it has a direct impact that is probably bigger than was the case in november. in november, it was only the fear to those attacks. here, we have several attacks with a lot of killed people and injuries. this means probably economic
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impact in all these sectors hit by a terrorist attack will be bigger than if it was the case in november. this is, of course, the first impact in the short round. scarlet: philippe, we do have the loss of private-sector spending. on the flipside coming of increased security, increased spending. talk about those dynamics. philippe: yes, of course. once you go at the macro level, you have a low one side the negative impact on activity, on the other side, the government will have to increase spending in terms of defense and so on with the security spending. you can also consider from a macroeconomic point of --w that you have an impact i will not say a positive impact, of course. but an impact that increases gdp
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by the increase in public spending. this is just a temporary impact. the negative impact on the other side on activity can last for several quarters of our years, maybe. this will all depend on what is the climate in the coming months. scarlet: certainly that's the long term, what about the near-term? we talked with you in november right after the attacks in paris. the days following, the belgium metro system was shut down. you are basically landlocked and anywhere.nable to go what happens in the next couple of days in brussels? kennedy business get done -- 10 any business to get done? it will notparently be a full lockdown like was the case in november. the economic activity will be able to continue. but, of course, thanks to new
1:38 pm
technologies, more and more people can come in such a situation, work from home. example, in our company, we have the ability to go at the office or stay-at-home if we prefer to stay at home and work from home. it's going to be a little bit different of what we had in november. probablympact is bigger. so it's not only a question of trains that are not circulating. probably there will be some trains and subways tomorrow. the other side, the impact is still there. alix: obviously, this is igniting more conversations about the schengen agreements, the open borders, border controls. what is the economic impact of goods and people that now can easily move in between countries that now might not be able to? course, if you take
1:39 pm
this in a broader point of view, this will continue to advance discussion about the border controls. we know that this can have a negative impact on the eurozone, the european economy. of course. because if we create a situation where people and goods can move from one country to another, it was in order to have a positive impact on growth, on activity, on external trade. it means that if we continue in such a context, there are more and more discussions about reintroducing border controls, of course, you have to extract this positive impact that we have in the past, in terms of external trade. and we had to consider a negative impact. there are several studies that are coming out for the moment showing that the positive impact , the fact that
1:40 pm
there were no border controls anymore, now we could have a negative impact on that. scarlet: i'm looking at the euro, philippe, it is weaker today for the third straight day. the weaker euro of the last two peopleas meant a lot thought 2016 was going to shape up to be a pretty good year for tourism the summer across europe , with visitors from the united states at asia taking advantage of the week euro. weak euro. philippe: i would not want to exaggerate the impact of this, , is negative for tourism and activities, for the sentiments, consumer confidence, will know that this is very important for business activity. we know that there will be some impact, maybe short-lived or long-lasting impact, depending on what will happen in the
1:41 pm
coming weeks. on the other side, i think there are many, many other factors that will create some positive dynamic of growth in the euro area. , 2016 willsay today be a negative year and we will go back into secession -- recession in the euro area. certainly not. it could be some negative impact , and i think also that the economy is able to continue to live and continue to make business. people will continue to live with that. we have to cope with this new situation that, as you said, it's very new in belgium. unfortunately, it's less new for other countries. economy is able to we will have to cope with the situation. this canl not say that create a new recession in the
1:42 pm
euro area. scarlet: philippe, thank you. ahead, more and what's happening in brussels and beyond following this morning's deadly attack. the u.s. announcing fresh security measures at airports, railroads, and ports. ♪
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scarlet: this is "bloomberg markets." i'm scarlet fu. alix: i'm alix steel. belgium continues to be at high alert, after this morning's terror attacks. scarlet: according to belgium belize, this is a bombing suspect, this is a bowl of the
1:45 pm
bombing suspect from the airport. this morning, obviously, before the bombs exploded. they have posted this on the social media, and have asked for forne to contact them questioning in case anyone has seen this individual. this is the third airport bombing suspect, the photo was released after belgian authorities said to suspect probably blew themselves up. , coming from a belgian prosecutor who says a press conference that the to suspects probably blew themselves up. he did confirm that the islamic state has claimed responsibility. we previously knew that from a news organization, islamic state news organization. he also pointed out that links with the paris attacks are now being probed. we are also getting more news from btm, which is cnn's their,te station from from brussels airport. scarlet: which is closed today. tomorrow as well. alix: julie hyman has a look at
1:46 pm
the stocks that are moving today. you are looking at office depot as well as staples. julie: the company's arm making an argument at the federal trade commission, the hearing started yesterday. they are not asking, at least not yet, for a blockage of the steel. they are asking for it to be delayed until a conduct an internal investigation. to look at the antitrust merits of the steel. we were intelligence analysts ay that staples and office depot made a strong argument in the first day of this case. we are seeing shares will go higher in today's session. we'll keep you posted on that progress in case. also we are watching valeant once again today. the shares are climbing after sequoia fund, which is run by the largest shareholders of valeant announced that last week they sold about 1.5 million shares of the drug company. shares may be going higher on the idea they did not sell more. and also on the idea they were
1:47 pm
sold to create losses they can be used by the funds investors to offset capital gains. in other words, it seems to be taxed selling rather than a comment on the fundamentals of the company. as you know, valley of the ceo mike pearson is in the process of stepping down as the company looks for a new leader. we are also looking at wynn resorts, of about 2.5 percent. it was upgraded to overweight from equal rate over morgan stanley. the company will be a cash flow machine once a couple of its new casinos do open up. alix: thank you, julie hyman. wall street is wrong when it comes to analyzing liquidity and stocks. its going to new research from standard & poor's. scarlet: analysts there have a new model for examining liquidity. they are saying the way we look to liquidity all along has been wrong. the popular know soon as the less liquidity there is, the more return there's going to be.
1:48 pm
you are taking a risk premium. what s&p is saying we looking at the wrong measure. instead the level of liquidity, we should be looking at the rate of change or whether or not it's increasing. that's easier said than done. is veryething that intuitive. if liquidity is increasing, that usually means profits going up. alix: it's after the fact. joseph: it's just a matter of recognizing and and building in a some sort of model that lets you look at all that information. it's information overload. their argument is there is too much to look at, and because of that lag time in reaction, that's when you can make your money doing this. sorry. how has this played out versus other investment strategies? joseph: over the last 20 years, they went back really far on this one. , about 65 basis point better than three other major strategies they were tracking your most notably, value, price
1:49 pm
momentum, and high-quality, which is something looks like return on equity. one thing that's interesting, it's pretty insulated from the topsy-turvy market, with all these things that whipsawed all the strategies around. big story this year has been the breakdown of the momentum trayvon the rise of the value trade. this is not correlated with either of those, sort of its own thing. oryou have the coding skills you can build a model looking can capture this, they are recommending that is something that people start looking at as money managers. -- josephoe staley ciolli. alix: we continue to monitor the latest news out of brussels and how markets are responding. ♪
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alix: welcome back to "bloomberg markets," i'm alix steel. scarlet: i'm scarlet fu. you're looking at live footage of buildings prime minister -- of belgium's prime minister. authorities confirm the islamic state has claimed responsibly for this mourns attacks. i say that links with the paris attacks are being probed. alix: police have issued a wanted notice for the suspect in the airport bombing. this person right here, they released it on twitter. this is the third suspect in the bombing. people to come forward, issuing a wanted notice for this gentleman. scarlet: a quick correction, that news conference ended a while ago, those with the headlines from the news conference. in the wake of the fatal terrorist attacks, republican president from under donald trump says he would close borders in response. he spoke on the "today show," this point. donald trump: this is a subject
1:53 pm
that is near and dear to my heart, i've been talking about it much more than anybody else, it's why i'm probably number one the polls. because of the fact that i say we have to have strong borders. we have to be very vigilant and careful who we allow into our country. i know brussels well, and brussels is a total mess, and i'm not talking about the attack today, and talking about generally speaking. it is a city that used to be one of the finest, one of the most beautiful, and one of the safest cities in the world. it's a catastrophic very dangerous city where the police have very little control. yaccino is here now to talk about how presidential candidates are such bonding -- responding to today's attacks. the theme throughout has been protectionism. theen: this chapter into main message that particular
1:54 pm
republican candidates like donald trump have been talking about for a while, which is a nationalistic view, we need to close the borders and when you take care of ourselves or protect the united states and our interests first and take care of the rest of the world second. we can expect that, as we heard donald trump just saying, this will only increase that sort of rhetoric from the republican candidates who will be talking about closing the borders and immigration whole lot more. as it pertains to national security, which is their way of talking about national security is immigration. scarlet: you have other presidential candidates like john kasich, former ohio governor, calling for the president to return home as quickly as possible. he's actually in havana right now, due to attend a baseball game in havana. john kasich saying the president should not attend this game and should come home right away. looking at a live shot of the game right now in havana. the president is expected to appear. any indication those kinds of urgings will have any kind of result? steven: not that i've seen yet. scarlet: there he is, right now.
1:55 pm
steven: the president spoke this his addressstarted are talking about this, and he offered belgium and allies all the help that america can offer. he hasn't responded directed to those calls. we have heard from john kasich and ted cruz another president of candidates who are pointing of the terrible optics today, going to a baseball game on a day when a lot of the world is morning. alix: the other part of the campaign has been being more aggressive a comes to terrorists. donald trump reiterating that today, saying waterboarding, for example, would be fine. if they could expand the laws, i would do a lot more than waterboarding. he goes on to say you have to get the information, you have to get a rapidly. who has the strong us rhetoric? -- the strongest rhetoric? steven: donald trump. he was on a number of morning shows, his strategy in messaging
1:56 pm
this morning was very clear. he was pointing to brussels, he cap saying the same line in every interview multiple times, i have been to brussels, used to be such a nice place. now it's a disaster. i've been to paris, used to be a global city and now it's having so money problems. he's repeating this over and over, and not-so-subtle he suggesting that if america continues down this path, we will become like brussels. this is what he's trying to do. whether or not people buy that argument, i don't know. scarlet: steven yaccino of bloomberg news. alix: we want to give you an update on what we know about the situation in brussels. police right now are looking for third bombing suspect, they've affirmed that two suspects probably blew themselves up. link to terrorist attacks is being probed after the islamic state claim process ability. ♪
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>> it is 2:00 a.m. in hong kong, welcome to "bloomberg markets."
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♪ matt: good afternoon, i'm matt miller. alertm is on his highest as to her strikes, european union capital. ron's go off at the airport and the metro station, -- bombs go off at the airport and the metro station, islamic state is claiming responsibility. reaction is pouring in with world leaders from angela merkel to david cameron promising cooperation and support. president obama tells belgians prime minister he will help bring those responsible to justice. we will speak with former nato ambassador nick burns. u.s. stocks are holding up despite the terror attacks in belgium. markets gaining in late trading with health care and tech leading the way as crude oil dips.


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